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Simplicity Sells: Transforming Spaces with Staging Magic

ūüĆü Staging Tip: Keep it Simple! ūüĆü

I’m truly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with an amazing seller who entrusted me with staging her home for sale. She graciously handed me the keys and relocated out of state, demonstrating a remarkable level of trust in my expertise.

This trust is something I deeply value, and it inspires me to pursue nothing short of excellence in the field of real estate.

Now, let’s dive into the staging tip…

Christie Di Lemme - Staging Stairway

In the “Before” photo, you’ll notice the seller’s beautiful personal artwork adorning the walls.

In the “After” photo, I opted for a more minimalist approach, replacing the art with simple decor.

This subtle change not only creates a neutral canvas that appeals to a wider range of potential new homeowners (buyers) but also enhances the perceived spaciousness of the stairway.

By strategically staggering the placement of just two pieces of decor, we guide the buyer’s gaze downward as they descend the stairway, seamlessly leading them into the breathtaking open-concept floor plan.

This simple yet effective tip elevated the potential buyer experience and made the space more appealing to a wider audience of potential new home owners.

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