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7 Character Traits to Look for When Choosing Your Realtor

There are over 1.5 million realtors in the United States…

Selling, buying, or investing in real estate is an important decision. That’s why you need a Realtor who can guide you through every aspect of the transaction.

So, how do you choose a Realtor? Here are a few character traits to look for…

R – Reachable. Your realtor should be easy to contact and return your calls, texts, and emails promptly. No excuses.

E – Excited. Hire a realtor who has a passion for real estate and gets excited about the possibility of finding you the property of your dreams.

A – Accountable. Always know exactly what’s going on with your real estate process. Your realtor should stay accountable to you with frequent updates and consistent communication.

L – Learned. With the real estate market ever-changing, it’s important that your realtor is continually learning. Knowledge guarantees a prosperous real estate transaction.

T – Trustworthy. Your realtor represents your wants, needs, and desires and communicates with others on your behalf. You must be absolutely confident in your ability to trust them.

O – Organized. The sale of a property is not always determined by the price. Your realtor’s organizational skills impact the transaction, and other professional’s desire to work with them. Being on time and structured makes a realtor instantly stand out in a crowd.

R – Respectful. Last but definitely not least, your realtor should respect you as their client and listen more than they talk. Even if you change your mind a thousand times, your decisions should be respected.

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